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 Dr. Shih-Hsin Chen, Associate Professor

Department of Information Management,
Cheng Shiu University

I graduated from Dept. of Industrial Engineering and Management of Yuan-Ze University and my adviser is Prof. P. C. Chang who is the dean of Informatics School now. My research interests is doing scheduling problems. You may ask what is the scheduling problem? Scheduling problems may appear in the form of production scheduling, program task scheduling on operation system, course schedule of a school, crew scheduling, cooking scheduling at kitchen (a life example for the person who knows how to cook), and so on.

In my opinion, how to manage our time well is also a difficult scheduling problem! (A destiny of I want to know in my whole life.) For instance, everyone is very busy and we need to play several roles in the same time, including career, relationship, and yourself!







 Don't you think our life is a scheduling problem? How we can handle them well? Maybe scheduling might be the one which is able to solve your questions. Finally, my research interests is not limited to the scheduling problems, please refer to the following information. Thank you.


Research Interests
  1. Production and Operation Management
  2. Multi-Objective Scheduling Problems
  3. Evolutionary Algorithms Based on Probabilistic Models
  4. Clouding Computing and Information Technology in Supply Chain
  5. Applications of Map API in e-Commerce
  6. Design Computing

Suggestions For College Projects
  1. Transaction Agents on Internet
  2. Education Game Learning
  3. Auctions of Carbon Allowances
  4. The Industry of Culture Innovation