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The OpenGA is a callable Java component and under the GNU/GPL license. The OpenGA works with any problem type, the componet is able to solve the combinatorial problem and the continuous problem. Moreover, OpenGA also can be extended to solve multi-objective problem. Therefore, it creates a platform to use GA or coorprate with other algorithms to solve your own problem.

There are many examples for the combinatorial problem and the continuous problem. Particularly for the former one, there are single machine scheduling, flowshop scheduling problems, multi-objective knapsack prolems, multi-objective scheduling problems, scheduling problems with setup considerations, Quadratic Assignment problems, and so on. The other type in continuous problem and we have the Himmelblau function as an example. Both types are for the COP and continuous problem, respectively. The relative resource code of the OpenGA is as following:

  1. Download Now! Zip, View on Github
  2. Documentation (.pdf)
  3. QAP instance

Contribution: Min-Chih Chen and Yu-Tang Zhang also contributes their efforts in OpenGA now.